A transmedia fairytale for Kielder

Writer Niel Bushnell is unearthing a new myth for Kielder

The Kielder Brag is a transmedia fairytale being developed for Kielder by writer Niel Bushnell. The work will include the underlying written story, video and audio, illustrations, and a dedicated project website for use by interested parties and as a resource for schools.

While primarily intended as a jumping off point for literacy work in schools and creative writing groups, the content also explores the nature of reality as experienced through a variety of media; how 'true' the information is that we receive through this media and whether it can be trusted; touching on very modern issues such as 'fake news' and the how successfully social media can be co-opted to communicate ideas and beliefs.

The Kielder Brag is currently being tested in schools and is expected to be available for public participation in spring 2020.