Ears for the forest head

American arts collective SIMPARCH worked in Kielder this spring to add the long-awatied ear trumpets to the forest head

SIMPARCH returned to Kielder in spring 2018 to fabricate and install the long-awaited ears for their muched loved sculpture Silvas Capitalis. Working with the same larch timber that they made the main head from, the ears take the form of trumpets protruding into the head's interior. Visitors can now listen to the forest through the scullpture's ears, as well as watching it through its eyes.

Visitors will also find small stools inside the head, created by local forester Simon Banks who worked with SIMPARCH on the project, to make the experience of looking and listening more comfortable.

Original proposal drawing from 2008.


L-R Steve Badgett, David Jones & Simon Banks.